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20th Sep 2023

Your All-Important First Step

Most of us start out in parenthood with a clear idea of the type of parent we want to be: calm, patient, attentive, and loving - but in reality it can be really difficult to be that chilled-out, calm parent when life is so frantic and parenting so chaotic!

It takes more than deep breathing and meditation to be a cool-headed parent. In this episode, I talk you through the very important first step to getting started with calmer parenting and how to make sure you keep it going. When it comes to making big changes, this is the best place to start. 

00:00 Show intro

01:47 The best parenting style for kids

03:17 The problem with parenting off our emotions

07:05 Two important declarations for calm parenting

07: 24 Your Actionable Take-Away Task

09:14 Chilled Out Tool In The Spotlight

12:06 Show wrap-up 

Key takeaways:

  • Various obstacles get in the way of being a calm, responsive parent. Parenting challenges and intense emotions can lead us to feel triggered and unable to respond helpfully.
  • Real-life parenting means we’re constantly trying to manage our emotional rollercoaster alongside meeting our children’s needs. When we’re not skilled at this, the two can collide. 
  • This can mean we use another parenting approach called reactive parenting, which can lead to yell, make threats and lose our temper. 
  • Until you learn to tame your intense feelings,  you’ll continue to be controlled by them, which will keep you from being the responsive parent you want to be.
  • Moving from being a mostly reactive parent to a mostly responsive parent starts with preparing your mindset for the journey ahead and making two important declarations.
  • Being a responsive parent takes practice and commitment but the rewards are worth it

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Ready for the next episode?

Stay tuned for the next episode of Chilled Out Parenting, where we’ll be taking a closer look at how to regulate your feelings when things get heated, so you can avoid resorting to shouting or losing your temper. I’ll be sharing a very easy but powerful strategy to help you stay calm when you feel pushed to your limits. Don't miss this one!

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